Take your financial practice to the NEXT LEVEL!

  • Give yourself the opportunity to earn a generous 6-figure RESIDUAL income annually

  • Learn to build a successful agency of your own by recruiting others

  • Be able to provide clients with alternative solutions that offer double-digit annual yields

  • Offer Alternatives that are designed to keep pace with or outperform traditional investments without taking on unnecessary, unpredictable risk 


Our Solutions Are Your Financial Safety Net

Investing in Life Settlements

Oil & Gas Alt. Investments

Defer Capital Gains Tax

Bank Premium Financed Life Insurance

For over 25 years, The Life Equity Group has been providing financial solutions for agents and advisors to expand their offerings to qualified/accredited clients throughout the US to generate additional income in excess of $250,000 per year.

What People Say

I had the opportunity to attend the same junior (Park View) and high school (Cranston High School East – Rhode Island) with Ken. A couple of years later, we had the opportunity to work together with various direct selling efforts. At the time, I had a accounting degree and needed someone to “bring-out” my potential selling skills. Ken taught me the value of communication and the importance of building long-term relationships! Within my current consultant practice, very often I have “an edge” over the competition as I’m able to use the people and professional skills that Ken taught me!

Michael J. Procaccini, CPA

Algorithm Tax Group

What People Say

Ken Morris – salesman extraordinaire! When you spend time on the road with someone you really get to know them. I’ve been on the road with Ken on more than one occasion, making proposals and working deals. And I know when it comes to life settlements and other insurance derivatives, Kenny’s the one with the unique combination of experience, passion, contacts and knowledge to make a deal and get things done. He’s a guy that’s been there and done it in this space and it’s a great pleasure to recommend him.

What People Say

I have known Ken for many years and have worked with him in my role as Senior Account Executive at Senior Market Advisor Magazine. Ken is one of the most dedicated people to the life settlement industry that I have met in my 8 years working in financial media. He has leadership skills that are hard to find and has always put his clients first. He’s a pleasure to do business with and I would recommend him to anyone because of his leadership skills, clients first attitude, and knowledge of his business.

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