About Us

A Boutique Alternative Investment Company

The Life Equity Group is a boutique alternative investment company that has been in business for over 25 years with an explementary record. We specialize in helping agents, advisors, agencies, and firms who want to add more value to their business model by adding fully compliant and unique alternative offerings to their financial platform, which can add millions to their bottom line.

The Life Equity Group specializes in targeting lower risk profile alternative investment strategies by using an innovative allocation blend of assets. The result defines us: solid alternative investment strategies that are designed to keep pace with or to outperform traditional investments without taking on unnecessary and unpredictable risk.

In addition to the unique alternative investment strategies, we also offer unique tax benefit strategies. Some of the tax strategies we offer are not very well known but have been part of the IRS Tax Code as early as 1912. These unique tax strategies have helped agents and advisors put hundreds of thousands and even millions under management, adding to their book of business.

With the explosion of alternative investments in the marketplace over the past decade, there has never been a better time than now to use the opportunity to give you and your company an unfair competitive advantage over the competition.

With our unique alternative investment strategies your clients stand the best chance to avoid the everyday volatility of the markets. Alternatives are known to help clients lower their risk tolerance to geopolitical events. Hedge Funds and institutional investment companies use alternatives to hedge their risks in the market. Mitigating your client’s risk within their own portfolio by just 10-20% is a huge win.

By expanding your financial platform with our alternative investment strategies, which have stood the test of time, your financial practice will grow and prosper for the better. Your clients will stand the best chance possible to receive historical double-digit annual.

We are excited about sharing our alternative investment strategies with you and helping you grow your financial practice over the coming years. We hope that you find our information useful.

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What We Do

The Life Equity Group is passionate about helping Agents and Advisors to expand their platform of financial offerings with alternative investments that are compliant throughout the US.

Traditional asset allocation methodology is no longer a balanced approach for most Americans. Alternatives are valuable resources to investor portfolios as they tend to offer above-average returns without the traditional risks associated with the market volatility. 

Alternative investments help qualified clients to achieve wealth beyond Wall Street whether the clients have a net worth of $250K or $500M, we’re a company that can assist you in creating diversity within their portfolios.

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